Spurgeon, "Lions Lacking-- But the Children Satisfied"

Once a man is saved, he seeks Jesus that he may
praise him and put a crown on his head.

His desire is-- Oh, that my heart could find you!
that all its strings might sing sweet music to you.

Oh that my mouth could find your ear, and that I might
bid it open and listen to the whisper of my song.

Oh that I knew where you did dwell,
that I might sing by the eaves of your habitation,
and that you might hear me forever-
that I might perpetually send the songs
of my gratitude up to your sacred courts!

I seek you that I may break the alabaster box
of praise on your dear sacred head.

I seek your that I may put my soul upon the altar,
and sacrifice my living self to you.

I seek you, that I may go where cherubim are singing,
whom I envy, because they--

"All night long unwearied sing
High praises to the Eternal King."