House or horse?

Spurgeon, “Confession With The Mouth”

I am to be a Christian in my actions, my deeds, my thoughts, my words.

When we used to go to school, we would draw houses, and horses,
and trees on our slates, and we remember how we used to write “house
under the house, and “horse” under the horse, for some persons might
have thought the horse was a house.

So there are some people who need to wear a label round their necks
to show that they are Christians at all, or else we might mistake them for
lost sinners, their actions are so alike. Avoid that.

Let your profession be manifest by your practice.

Be so clearly a piece of divine painting, that the moment a man puts his
eye upon you, he says, “Yes, that is the work of God; that is a Christian,
the noblest work of God.”