A Spiritual Treasury for the Children of God
Humbly intended to establish the faith, promote
the comfort, and influence the practice—of the
followers of the Lamb
, by William Mason


(remaining chapters to be published soon)












Christian reader,
Silver of human eloquence, and gold of acquired literature, have I none; but such as I have, I give to you—plain truth in plain style, in the name of Jesus Christ. He is our one master. It has been my earnest prayer, that my eye might be single to his glory. One grand point has been my chief aim, namely—to exalt the Lord Jesus, the perfection of his atonement and righteousness, and the glory of his salvation. This I have found the blessed support and joyful triumph of my own soul, while exercised with great disorder and weakness of body, in this work. If the Lord and giver of all grace, is pleased to bless this feeble attempt to the spiritual profit of any of his dear children, to him alone, all the glory is due. As love covers a multitude of faults, and the prayer of faith avails much, may these, reader, be excited in behalf of the following pages; and towards him who desires to esteem it his highest honor, and greatest glory on earth, to confess and serve the Lord Christ, though less than the least of all his servants, and yours also for his sake,
William Mason