I labor under a complication of disorders!

(John Newton)

I have often detected the two vile abominations — self-will and self-righteousness insinuating themselves into all that I do!

God has mercifully convinced me that I labor under a complication of disorders — summed up in the word, SIN.

He has graciously revealed Himself to me as the infallible Physician — and has enabled me, as such, to commit myself to Him, and to expect my cure from His hand alone.

Yet how often, instead of thankfully accepting His prescriptions — I have foolishly and presumptuously ventured to prescribe to Him, and to point out how I would have Him to deal with me!

How often have I thought that something was necessary for me — which He saw best to deny; and that I could have done better without those dispensations which His wisdom and grace have appointed to work for my good!

Thankfully, He is never weary of me — nor has He left me to my own management!

How inconsistent I am! To acknowledge that I am blind, to entreat Him to lead me — and yet to want to choose my own way, all in the same breath!

   ~  ~  ~  ~

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