The secret of a holy life!

(Frederick Marsh)

Prayer is the secret of a holy life! 

Prayer is a sin-killer. No one can sin and pray, for prayer will make us cease from sin--or sin will make us cease from prayer. 

Prayer is a power-bringer. It is the hand that touches the hem of the garment of Divine grace, and causes the life which is in the Divine One to flow into us. 

Prayer is a victory-giver. Bunyan's Christian found that the weapon of all-prayer was sufficient to wound and defeat the adversary who would stop him in his progress as a pilgrim.

Prayer is a holiness-promoter. It is like the gentle dew which falls upon the thirsty plants, and causes them to be refreshed and to fructify. 

Prayer is a dispute-adjuster.
Let any two brethren who are at loggerheads get on their knees, and ask the Lord about any disputed matter--and they will find the Lord saying to their troubled spirits: "Peace, be still!" 

Prayer is an  obstacle-remover, as Peter found when the angel came in answer to the prayers of the saints, and delivered him from the prison.

Prayer is a Christ-revealer--for it clarifies our vision and enables us to see the unseen Christ!