John Mason's Spiritual Sayings)

*The goodness of God satisfies our emptiness,
  the mercy of God satisfies our sinfulness, and
  the grace of God satisfies our unworthiness.

*What sin is there, which grace cannot pardon?
  What heart is there, which grace cannot soften?
  What soul is there, which grace cannot save?

*The more God's justice was magnified in His Son — 
  the more was His grace magnified in the sinner.

*God humbled His holy Son — to exalt His saving grace.

*God's faithfulness performed what His grace promised.
  Grace drew the covenant — faithfulness keeps it.
  Grace called us — faithfulness will not cast us off.

*Abusers of God's grace — are treasurers up of His wrath!

*There is grace in the desire for grace
   — as there is sin in the desire for sin.

*Though God in grace has done great things for you — yet consider what in justice He might have done to you.

*While we carry a sense of grace in our conscience to comfort us
   — let us carry a sense of sin in our memory to humble us.

*We can never thank God enough for His patience — which has kept us so long out of Hell;
  nor for His grace — which so earnestly invites us to Heaven.

*All who are elect — are vessels of grace;
  all who are regenerate — are patterns of grace;
  all who are saved — are monuments of grace;
  all the work of Heaven — is to sing the loud praises of grace.

*It melts the heart to think that God is as full of grace — as I am as full of sin!
  He is as free to forgive — as I am to offend.
  He has daily grace — for my daily sins.

*The heart of man is such a barren soil that no good can grow — there unless almighty grace plants it.
 Grace is an immortal seed, cast into an immortal soil, which brings forth immortal fruit!