Reading God's Word

"There is nothing more important in the Christian life than the way in which we approach the Bible, and the way in which we read it." (Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

"God has given the Word to us as a revelation . . .
  of Himself,
of His character,
  of His government,
  of His requirements.
Our motive in reading it, then, should be to become better acquainted with Him, with His perfections, with His will for us. Our end in perusing His Word should be learn how to please and glorify Him; and that, by our characters being formed under its holy influence, and our conduct regulated in all its details by the rules He has there laid down." (Arthur Pink)

"Our knowledge of God's Word, and delight in it, must be directed to practice!" (Thomas Manton)

"The Scripture is given to establish our faith, and comfort our hearts, and sanctify our lives — but not to amuse us and to gratify our curiosity." (William Jay)