They are the willing, abject slaves of what is called amusement!

(Charles Spurgeon, "Flowers from a Puritan's Garden" 1883)

"In gambling there is a secret enchantment. A man will play a little, and only venture a small sum — but soon he is enticed in, and more and more entangled. Just so, men think it is no great matter to sin a little — and yet that little leads on to more!"

The illustration is most forcible. Many people have put down a dollar on the gambling-table when passing through the room — and from that moment their ruin has been sealed. They will be seen from day to day staking their hundreds — until the last fatal roll of the dice leaves them penniless! They are the willing, abject slaves of what is called amusement!

Thus does sin begin with littles, and glides into more serious faults — until the sinner is spellbound, and finds himself enthralled by folly, which he has no ability to leave.

Be it ours to give no place to the devil. Let him not have a spot whereon to set up his enchantment, and work his diabolical arts.

If we never venture a farthing upon Satan's table — we shall never be made beggars by his subtle devices!

If he is not allowed to spin a spider's web about us — he will never be able to hold us with the cords of iniquity!

If we never wade into sin — we shall never drown in it!

Lord, keep us from the very appearance of evil!