He is never too busy!

(J.R. Miller, "Daily Bible Readings in the Life of Christ" 1890)

"Our Father in Heaven!" Matthew 6:9

This is the 'golden gate' of the temple of prayer!

When our Lord taught His disciples how to pray — it was thus He said they should begin. They were not to come to infinite power, or to unknowable mystery, or to inaccessible light — but to tender fatherhood. This precious name "Father" at the gateway — makes the approach to God easy and sure.

The name "Father" assures us of divine love and care. Does a true parent have care for his child? Much more does our Father in Heaven care for His children on the earth! He even cares for the birds — feeding them their daily food. He even cares for the flowers — weaving, with colorful threads, the lovely robes which they wear. He surely cares more for His children! So the precious name "Father" assures us that we shall never be neglected nor overlooked in this great world.

The name "Father" also gives us assurance of unhindered access to the Divine presence. The children of a great earthly king are not kept waiting at their father's door, as strangers are. Just so, God's children have perfect liberty in His presence. They can never come at an untimely hour. He is never too busy to see them and to listen to their words of love and prayer. In the midst of the innumerable affairs of the vast universe — He thinks of His lowliest child! Amid all the confusion and noise of this great world — He hears and recognizes the faintest cry that rises from the lips of the least and lowliest of His little ones.

The name "Father" also interprets for us, the grace and mercy of our God. We are always conscious of sin. How, then, can we gain access to a holy God? Ah! He is our Father! We know that even an earthly father does not shut the door on his erring child. The candle is left burning in the window through the long dark nights — that the wanderer out in the blackness and longing to return, seeing the bright beams — may be assured of love and a waiting welcome. Infinitely more gracious, is "our Father in Heaven!"