Salvation is by free grace alone!

(James Smith, "The Believer's Companion in Seasons of Affliction and Trouble" 1842)

"By grace you are saved!" Ephesians 2:8

Salvation is by free grace alone! In eternity past, the Lord fixed upon the objects whom He intended to deliver from sin, Satan, and the curse — and whom He designed to raise to holiness, happiness, and honor. He assigns no reason but His sovereign good pleasure: "I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion!"

He chose His people out of the vast mass — and recorded their names in the book of life. He gave them to our dear and adorable Immanuel — to be His care, charge, and bride. He appointed them to life, sonship, and conformity to Jesus — and all of free grace!

Grace scatters blessings upon millions — but never utters a curse against any. She provides salvation for her objects — but is in no sense the cause of the damnation of the rest. Her language is SAVE; but never DESTROY.

Sovereign grace, rightly viewed — embodies everything that is sweet, pleasant, charming, and delightful. It is . . .
  as free as the summer breeze,
  as pure as the sun's bright ray,
  and as pleasant as the morning light!

All who know it — love it,
all who have seen it — admire it,
and all who enjoy it — adore it!

Grace finds . . .
  a depth for our sins,
  a fountain for our needs,
  a covering for our persons, and
  a Heaven for our eternal habitation.

Oh that Heaven would coin language sufficiently grand, and furnish ideas sufficiently noble — to speak of the glories of sovereign grace, or to show forth half its praise!

Salvation, then, . . .
  originates in the free grace of God,
  flows in the channel of the Redeemer's blood, and
  aims at the glorification of Jehovah in all His perfections.

Salvation was . . .
  planned in eternity,
  executed in time, and
  shall be realized and enjoyed until eternity can end!

Salvation is . . .
  divine in its contrivance, execution, and application;
  holy in its character, tendency, and design;
  and free in its bestowment and operations.

Salvation is of God, by grace, to holiness — forever!