His yearning heart awaits you!

(Charles Orr, "Incense from Golden Vials")

"He delights in the prayers of the upright!" Proverbs 15:8

If we comprehend the love that God has for communion with His redeemed children, if we conceived the intense desire that He has for us to come to Him — we would not be so neglectful of prayer. Surely, too, our hearts would thrill with joy if we, by the eye of faith — could see with what eagerness and delight He receives us, when we do come to Him in prayer.

It is the Bridegroom going out to meet His bride — love is beating in His heart! In His love, He gave His life for you — and now you have stepped aside from the world for a time, purposely to be alone with Him in some secluded place, and there talk with Him and pillow your head upon His bosom. It is His joy. His yearning heart awaits you!

God rejoices to have us seek Him in the solitary place, that the soul may be freed from the entanglements of material things — and be enabled to soar aloft on the wings of holy prayer into the embrace of its Beloved!

"O My dove in the clefts of the Rock . . . show Me your face, let Me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet, and your face is lovely!" Song of Songs 2:14

Will you go?

Alas! the world engages you, and gives you no time to be alone with God!