And what do many do?

(James Smith, "The Zealous Christian!" 1864)

Silver and gold are given to us as God's stewards — and we are to use them for His glory. He often gives them, and then seems to leave us to ourselves, saying, "I will just see what you will do with them."

And what do many do? Look . . .
  at their opulent homes,
  at their lavish furniture,
  at their plush clothes,
  at their vain amusements,
  at their expensive foods,
  at their . . . . . . .
But I forbear!

Only just look on the other hand, at what they give . . .
  to support the ministry,
  to assist missions,
  to circulate the Bible,
  to distribute tracts,
  to relieve the poor, etc. etc.
Can we say of such people, as Paul did of others, "None of us lives to himself?"

If these are God's stewards — are they faithful?