If you plunge into eternity clutching the airy fiction

(Octavius Winslow, "From Grace to Glory" 1864)

We do not hesitate to pronounce the doctrine of "baptismal regeneration" to be the paramount lie of Satan the most subtle and fatal weapon which this arch foe of our race ever forged for the destruction of men's souls in eternal perdition!

Do not build your hope of glory upon your baptism. You are lost to all eternity if you do. You must be born again if ever you enter the kingdom of heaven.

If you plunge into eternity clutching the airy fiction, the fatal notion, that you passed from spiritual death into spiritual life in your baptism; that in baptism you were regenerated, adopted, justified, made holy and saved; you have staked your eternal happiness upon the most fatal lie!

In many instances, the unhappy victim of this delusion passes away undeceived until the deception is too late to rectify!