Go, take your fill!

(Thomas Sherman, "Divine Breathings; Or, a Pious Soul Thirsting after Christ")

"In Your presence is fullness of joy; in Your right hand are eternal pleasures!" Psalm 16:11

Your happiness arises from that object on which your affections are placed.  Where your treasure is葉here will your heart be also. If your affections are placed upon a poor empty creature; or, if like Judas, your heart is so depraved, that you desire only the money-bag; or, like Reuben, you are content, for worldly convenience, to continue on this side Jordan葉hen remember that you are bartering eternal life for a mere fantasy, and deceiving yourself into irretrievable and endless ruin!

If you will be content with . . .
  a breath of honor,
  a blaze of pleasure,
  a snare of riches, or
  a parcel of vanity,
then go, take your fill! But know assuredly葉hat the end of these things is death!

When you shall draw your last breath,
when honor will appear only as air,
when your deathless soul shall be forever ensnared
葉hen you will greatly lament your past conduct,
and wish you had never been born!

But now, O true Christian, if you are risen with Christ from the dead, and are looking at unseen and eternal realities葉hen for you is prepared . . .
  a golden crown,
  a celestial harp,
  a glorious mansion,
  and eternal hallelujahs!
You shall enjoy the presence of God and the Lamb forever and ever! You shall gaze on the incomparable brightness of God, and forever contemplate the wonders of redemption!

Lord, if this is my happiness葉hen let others enjoy the things of this world! For my part, I am content to deny myself, and take up my cross and follow You!