It is a wonder God does not kick us out of His presence!

(from "The Happiness of Drawing near to God" by Thomas Watson)

"But it is good for me to draw near to God." Psalm 53:28.

To draw near to God is our honor.

It is counted an honor to converse with noble
personages. What high dignity is it, that the great
God will allow sinful dust to draw near to Him!

Surely the apostle did speak of it with a holy boasting,
"Our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus."
As if he had said, we do not walk with peasants of the
world; we are of the royal blood of Heaven! we live
above other men!

That the King of kings will hold forth a golden scepter
to us, invite and welcome us into His presence, and
bid us draw near; this is no small favor!

"Every one that was distressed and in debt drew near
to David, and he became a captain over them." 1 Sam. 22:2.

So that we who are distressed and in debt, may draw
near to God; and that He will not only be our captain,
but our husband. Isaiah 54:5.

What transcendent dignity is this!

It is a wonder God does not kick us out of His presence!

But that we should be admitted to see the King's face
and that He should send us dainties from his own table,
is an honor more fit for angels than men!