Christ must be all!

from Octavius Winslow's, "Morning Thoughts"

We cannot keep our eye too exclusively
   or too intently fixed on Jesus.

All salvation is in Him.

All salvation proceeds from Him.

All salvation leads to Him.

And for the assurance and comfort of our salvation
we are to repose believingly and entirely on Him.

Christ must be all!

Christ the beginning;
Christ the center; and
Christ the end.

Oh sweet truth to you who are sensible of
your poverty, vileness, and insufficiency,
and of the ten thousand flaws and failures
of which, perhaps, no one is cognizant but
God and your own soul!

Oh, to turn and rest in Christ;
    a full Christ;
    a loving Christ;
    a tender Christ,
whose heart's love never chills,
from whose eye darts no reproof,
from whose lips breathes no sentence of condemnation!

Christ must be all!