The smallest viper in the nest of your heart!

The following is from Spurgeon's sermon,
"The Old Man Crucified" #882. Rom. 6:6.

Depend upon it, if ever your sins are to
die, it must be with the power of Christ.
You will find that you cannot kill the
smallest viper in the nest of your
heart if you get away from the cross.

There is no death for sin except in the death
of Christ. Stand and look up to his dear wounds,
trust in the merit of his blood; love him, love
him with a perfect heart, and sin killing will
not be difficult.

The killing of your sin is not in your power,
but if Jesus goes with you, it will be done.

I have known some people struggle against a
horrible temper, and they never quite overcame
it until they grew into closer communion with Christ.

The mightiest gun to blow down the strongholds
of sin within me, is to flee to the cross of Christ.

I am persuaded that nothing but
 the blood of Jesus will kill sin.

You must get to Christ, nearer to
Christ, and you will overcome sin.

        Fight with your sins!
Hack them in pieces, as Samuel did Agag,
let not one of them escape. Take them as
Elijah took the prophets of Baal, hew them
in pieces before the Lord.

Think more of Jesus' cross, spend more time
in contemplation of his blessed person, drink
in more of his life, and live more upon him.

If I had but one sentence that I might utter
to you believers, I think I should make it this:
live nearer to Christ.  If you get away from
your Master, you will be undone.

All virtues flourish in the atmosphere of the cross;
all vices die beneath the shade of the cross!