Dwarf or Giant?

The following is from Spurgeon's sermon,
"The Former and the Latter Rain" #880  Jer.5:24.

The plan Satan seems to have adopted is that
of preventing, as far as he can, our raising in
our midst a race of eminent and advanced

We have in this age but few giants in grace
who rise head and shoulders above the common
height, men to lead us on in deeds of heroism
and efforts of unstaggering faith.

We have come to be a race of dwarfs, and
are content, to a great extent, to have it so.

There was once in London a club of dwarfs,
whose qualification for membership lay in
their not exceeding five feet in height.

Such a club of dwarfish Christians might
be established in London, and without any
difficulty might attain to an enormously
numerous membership; for the notion is
common that our dwarfish Christianity
is after all the standard, and many even
imagine that nobler Christians are enthusiasts,
fanatical, and hot blooded; while we are cool
because we are wise and intelligent.

We must get rid of all this nonsense.

The fact is, the most of us are vastly inferior
to the early Christians, who, as I take it, were
persecuted because they were thoroughly
Christians. We are not persecuted because
we hardly are Christians at all.

They were so earnest in the propagation of the
Redeemer's kingdom, that they became the
nuisance of the age in which they lived.

They would not let errors alone.

They had not conceived the opinion that they
were to hold the truth, and leave other people
to hold error without trying to intrude their
opinions upon them. But they preached Jesus
right and left, and delivered their testimony
against every sin.

They denounced the idols, and cried out against
superstition, until the world, fearful of being
turned upside down, demanded of them, "Is that
what you really mean? Then we will burn you,
lock you up in prison, and exterminate you."

To which the church replied, "We will accept
the challenge, and will not depart from our
resolve to conquer the world for Christ."

But we are so gentle and quiet, we
do not use strong language about other
people's opinions; but let men go to
hell out of charity to them.

We are not at all fanatical. We would not
wish to save any sinner who does not
particularly wish to be saved. We do not
speak with tears streaming down our cheeks,
groaning and agonizing with God for them.
Neither would we thrust our opinions upon
them, though we know they are being lost
for lack of the knowledge of Christ crucified.

Do not drivel away your existence upon baser
ends, but count the glory of Christ to be the
only object worthy of your manhood's strength,
the spread of the truth the only pursuit worthy
of your mental powers.

Spend and be spent in your Master's service.

Dwarf or Giant?