Jesus the Great Prophet to His People

by J. C. Philpot

We are now considering the prophetical office of Jesus, and hope, with God's help and blessing, to show that it is one of peculiar grace, and full of divine blessedness to his believing people. May the Spirit guide our thoughts and direct our pen in our Meditations on the grace and glory of Jesus as the Prophet of his Church, that he may make himself very dear, near, and precious to both writer and reader, and that, preserved from all error and led into all truth, we may exalt his great and glorious name, as we sit at his feet hearing his word and looking up to him for that heavenly instruction which is so blessed a feature of his prophetical office to communicate.

In unfolding this subject, as some degree of order is necessary to clearness, we shall endeavor to show,

I. The essential nature of the prophetic office.

II. The peculiar qualifications of Jesus to sustain his prophetic office.

III. Jesus executing his prophetic office upon earth.

IV. The present mode of sustaining his prophetic office in heaven.

V. The spiritual bearing which his prophetic office has on the experience of his believing people.