A new edition of the life of Jesus Christ?

Spurgeon, "Christus Et Ego" No. 781. Galatians 2:20.

Picture the life of Christ on earth, beloved,
and that is what the life of God in us ought
to be, and will be in proportion as we are
subject to the power of the Holy Spirit.

A Christian ought to be a living photograph of
the Lord Jesus, a striking likeness of his Lord.

When men look at him they should see not only
what the Christian is, but what the Christian's
Master is, for he should be like his Master.

Have you been like a book printed in
plain letters, in which men might read
a new edition of the life of Jesus Christ?

Christ must be the one thought, the one idea,
the one master thought in the believer's soul.

When he wakes in the morning the healthy
believer inquires, "What can I do for Christ?"
When he goes about his business he asks,
"How shall I serve my Lord in all my actions?"
When he makes money he questions himself,
"How can I use my talents for Christ?"
If he acquires education, the enquiry is,
"How can I spend my knowledge for Christ?"