The Christian life

by Spurgeon

Believers, as they grow in grace, are made
to feel more and more acutely the evil of
their old nature. You will find that those
who are most like Christ have the deepest
knowledge of their own depravity, and are
most humble while they confess their sinfulness.

I think, throughout eternity, if we had this
problem to solve, "Why did he save me?",
we should still go on making wrong guesses,
but we never could arrive at the right conclusion,
unless we should say, once for all, I do not know.
He did as he willed. He will have mercy on whom
he will have mercy. He will have compassion on
whom he will have compassion.

There is nothing in life worth living for but Christ.
“Whom have I in heaven but you, and there is
none upon earth that I desire beside you!”
Christ is the cream; the rest is mere skim
milk and curds fit to be given to the swine.
The Lord Jesus is the pure flour; all else is but
the husk and bran, and coarse gritty meal, all
that remains is the chaff; fan it, and the wind
shall carry it away, or the fire shall burn it,
and little shall be the loss.
Christ is the golden grain, the only thing worth having.

I would give nothing for your religion
if you do not seek to be like Christ.
If your heart is truly wedded to the Lord
Jesus, and lives in near fellowship with
him, it must grow like him.
There will be a similarity of spirit, temper,
motive, and action; it will not be manifest
merely in great things but in little matters
too, for even our speech will betray us.