Oh, beware of a blank life!

(From Winslow's "The Solitude of the Cross")

Does your life have a worthy object?

Are you doing or enduring the will of God?

Is the object....
for which you live,
in which you employ your talents,
expend your time,
use your influence,
devote your worldly substance,
worthy of life's present obligations and future award?

Oh, beware of a blank life!

What, reader, is your purpose?

Is anything done for Jesus?

Anything for the glory of God?

Anything for the well being of your fellows?

Remember that for all your abilities,
God holds you accountable, and that
before long death will cite you to his bar!

Child of God! be up and doing!

Say to the world, its enchantments, pleasures,
and repose, "My purpose is to live for God."

Christ's cross of suffering pledges you to a life of labor
for Him. There must be no pause, no succumbing to
difficulty, no fainting beneath opposition. Life is a real,
a solemn thing, too closely linked to a momentous
future, to be trifled with.

Again, we ask, what is your object in life?

Are you living for your Lord and for your fellow men?

Do you carry within you a Christ loving, man loving
heart, seeking the glory of God in the good of all
with whom you come in contact?

Do you live for Christ, and do you feel as if life
only were precious as you offer to Him all you
hold most dear and valuable?

Is it an object of your life to advance Divine truth,
to enlarge Christ's kingdom, to bring our fellow
sinners to partake of His Divine redemption?

Seek by prayer to know what the Master has
assigned to you, and keep busy until He comes.

And as you toil, perchance in pensive loneliness,
uncomplaining suffering, unnoticed, and unknown,
cast your eye earthward and exclaim, "This is the
place of labor!" Then raise your eye heavenward
and exclaim, "Yonder is the place of rest!"

Oh, beware of a blank life!