Sovereignty and Salvation!

 by Don Fortner-

1. God almighty is absolutely sovereign in all things,
specifically in predestination, creation, providence,
and salvation- (Rom.8:28-30; 11:33-36).

2. Everything that comes to pass in time was predestinated by
God in eternity and is brought to pass by God in providence
for the salvation of his elect- (Rom.8:28-30; Eph.1:11).

3. God sovereignly chose some of Adam's fallen race
to eternal life in Christ before the world began-
(Eph.1:3-6; 2 Thess.2:13-14).

4. The Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for and
redeemed those elect sinners chosen to salvation in eternity
and called to life and faith in him in time- (Heb.9:12; Rev.5:9).

5. God the Holy Spirit regenerates and calls, every chosen and
redeemed sinner, to life and faith in Christ by the irresistible
power of his grace through the preaching of the gospel-
(Rom.1:16-17; 10:13-17; 1 Cor.1:21-23; James1:18; 1 Pet.23-25).

6. Every sinner born again by God's free, sovereign, irresistible
grace is kept in life and faith in Christ by that same grace
unto eternal glory, being sealed in Christ by the Holy Spirit-