Reader! marvel not that you must be born again!

(From Octavius Winslow's, "The Restored Sheep")

Alas! the life of an unconverted person is
one entire, unbroken, departure from God!

What hue sufficiently dark can portray the
life of an unrenewed man? He may be....
upright and honorable as a man of the world;
faithful in all the relations of life;
admired for his private rectitude, and
honored for his public character and career.
His morality, stainless;
his virtue, unquestioned;
his liberality, generous;
his philanthropy, distinguished;
his religion, admired.

And yet, destitute of the converting grace of God;
a stranger to the great change of the new birth;
an unbeliever in the Lord Jesus Christ, his life is
but a blank; and dying in this condition, he can
in no way enter into the kingdom of heaven!

Reader! marvel not that you must be born again!