Do you have the blood-mark?

The following is from Spurgeon's sermon,

Then the glory of the God of Israel rose up from
between the cherubim, where it had rested, and
moved to the entrance of the Temple. And the Lord
called to the man dressed in linen who was carrying
the writer's case. He said to him, "Walk through the
streets of Jerusalem and put a MARK on the foreheads
of all those who weep and sigh because of the sins
they see around them."
Then I heard the Lord say to the other men, "Follow
him through the city and kill everyone whose forehead
is not MARKED. Show no mercy; have no pity! Kill them
all- old and young, girls and women and little children.
But do not touch anyone with the MARK. Begin your
 task right here at the Temple." So they began by
killing the seventy leaders. Ezekiel 9:3-6

After the executioners had begun at the sanctuary, it is to be observed
that they did not spare any, except those upon whom was the MARK.
Old and young, men and women, priests and people, all were slain who
had not the sacred sign; and so in the last tremendous day all sinners
who have not fled to Christ will perish. There will be only one of two
things - they must either be saved, because they had faith in Christ, or
else the full weight of divine wrath must fall upon them. Either the MARK of
Christ's pen, or of Christ's sword, must be upon every one. There will be
no sparing of one man because he was rich, nor of another because he was
learned, nor of a third because he was eloquent, nor of a fourth because he
was held in high esteem. Those who are MARKED with the blood of Christ
are safe! Without that MARK all are lost! This is the one separating sign-
do you wear it? Or will you die in your sins? Bow down at once before the
feet of Jesus, and beseech him to MARK you as his own.

We must all bear the MARK of Jesus Christ. What is that? It is the MARK of
faith in the atoning blood. That sets apart the chosen of the Lord, and that
alone. If you have that MARK then in that last day no sword of justice can
come near you. Did you read that word, "But do not touch anyone with the
MARK." Come not even near the MARKED ones lest they be afraid.

The grace-MARKED man is safe, even from the near approach of ill.
Christ bled for him, and therefore he cannot, must not, die. Let him alone,
you bearers of the destroying weapons. Just as the angel of death, when he
flew through the land of Egypt, was forbidden to touch a house where the
blood of the lamb was on the lintel and the two side posts, so is it sure that
avenging justice cannot touch the man who is in Christ Jesus. Who is he
that condemns since Christ has died? Have you, then, the blood MARK?
Yes, or no. Do not refuse to question yourself upon this point. Do not take
it for granted, lest you be deceived. Believe me, your all hangs upon it.
Reader, are you cured of the awful disease of sin?

Are you marked with the blood-red sign of trust in the atoning blood?

Do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ?

If not, the Lord have mercy upon you!