Don't ever forget!

 by Don Fortner-

Let us always remember 'who' we were, 'where' we were,
and 'what' we were when God saved us by his grace.

We were ourselves the fallen sons of Adam, rebels before God.
We were lost and ruined in this perishing world.

Like Ezekiel's deserted infant, we were helpless,
polluted and perishing.

We were dead in trespasses and sins.
Physically, we were alive--
alive to our lusts,
alive to the world,
alive to Satan,
alive to sin.

But spiritually, we were dead--
dead to righteousness,
dead to truth,
dead to Christ,
dead to God.

In a word, by nature, we were sinners--
sinners by birth,
sinners by choice,
sinners in heart,
sinners in practice,
sinners against God,
sinners against men,
we were nothing but perishing, hell-deserving sinners.