Married to an Ethiopian woman?

(The following is by Spurgeon)

"And Miriam and Aaron spoke against
Moses because of the Ethiopian woman
whom he had married: for he had
married an Ethiopian woman." Numbers 12:1

Strange choice of Moses, but how much more
strange the choice of him who is a prophet
like unto Moses, and greater than he!

Our Lord, who is fair as the lily, has entered
into marriage union with one who confesses
herself to be black, because the sun has
looked upon her.

It is the wonder of angels that the love of Jesus
should be set upon poor, lost, guilty men!

Each believer must, when filled with a sense
of Jesus' love, be also overwhelmed with
astonishment that such love should be
lavished on an object so utterly unworthy of it.

Knowing as we do our secret guiltiness,
unfaithfulness, and black-heartedness,
we are dissolved in grateful admiration of the
matchless freeness and sovereignty of grace!

Jesus must have found the cause of his love
in his own heart, he could not have found it in
us, for it is not there. Even since our conversion we
have been black, though grace has made us lovely.

"Most tender and faithful Husband of our souls,
pursue your gracious work of conforming us to
your image, until you shall present even us poor
Ethiopians unto yourself, without spot, or wrinkle,
or any such thing."

Moses met with opposition because of his
marriage, and both himself and his spouse
were the subjects of an evil eye.

Can we wonder if this vain world opposes Jesus
and his spouse, and especially when great sinners
are converted? For this is ever the Pharisee's ground
of objection, "This man receives sinners."
Still is the old cause of quarrel revived,
"Because he had married an Ethiopian woman!"