Born again?

Spurgeon, "Plain Directions to Those Who
Would Be Saved from Sin" #2033 Psalm 4:4-5

If you have been truly born again you have a
new and holy nature, and you are no longer
moved towards sinful objects as you were before.

The things that you once loved you now hate,
and therefore you will not run after them.

You can hardly understand it but so it is, that
your thoughts and tastes are radically changed.

You long for that very holiness which once
it was irksome to hear of; and you loathe those
vain pursuits which were once your delights.

The man who puts his trust in the Lord
sees the pleasures of sin in a new light.

For he sees the evil which follows them
by noting the agonies which they brought
upon our Lord when He bore our sins in
His own body on the tree.

Without faith a man says to himself,
"This sin is a very pleasant thing, why
should I not enjoy it? Surely I may eat
this fruit, which looks so charming and
is so much to be desired."

The flesh sees honey in the drink, but
faith at once perceives that there is
poison in the cup. Faith spies the snake
in the grass and gives warning of it.

Faith remembers death, judgment,
the great reward, the just punishment
and that dread word, eternity.