All sins!

By Spurgeon-

The truly repentant person hates all of his sins, not just certain
ones. He says, "Cover yourself with the finest gold,
O sin, I will still hate you! Yes, cover yourself with pleasure,
make yourself flashy, like the snake with its turquoise scales-
I still hate you, for I know your venom, and I run from you,
even when you come to me in the most illusive clothing."

All sin must be given up, or else you will never have Christ;
all evil must be renounced, or else the gates of heaven
must be locked to keep you out forever.

Let us, remember, then, that for repentance
to be sincere, it must be total repentance.

True repentance is a turning of the heart, as well as of the life;
it is the giving up of the whole soul to God, to be His forever
and ever.

It is a renunciation of the sins of the heart,
as well as the corruptions of the life.