For WHOM did Christ die?


Now, some people love the doctrine of "universal atonement"
because they say it so beautiful. It is a lovely idea that
"Christ should have died for all men"; it commends itself,
they say, to the instincts of humanity; there is something
in it full of joy and beauty.

I admit there is; but beauty may be often
associated with falsehood.

There is much which I might well admire in the theory
of "universal redemption" but let me just tell you what
this supposition necessarily involves---
If Christ on his cross intended to save every man, then he
intended to save those who were damned before he died;
because if this doctrine (that he died for ALL men) is true, he
died for some that were in hell before he came into this world,
for doubtless there were myriads there that had been cast away.

Once again, if it were Christ's intention to save all men,
how deplorably has he been disappointed!
For we have his own evidence that there is a lake that burns
with fire and brimstone, and into that pit must be cast some of
the very people, who according to that theory, were bought
with his blood!

To think that my Savior died for men in hell, seems a supposition
too horrible for me to imagine- that he was the substitute for the
sons of men, and that God having first punished the substitute,
punished these same men again, seems to me to conflict with
any idea of justice.

That Christ should offer an atonement and satisfaction for the
sins of ALL men, and that afterwards, some of those very men
should be punished for the same sins which Christ had already
atoned for, seems to me, to be the most marvellous monstrosity
that ever could have been imputed to Saturn, to Janus, ay, to
the god of the Thugs, or the most diabolical heathen demons!

God forbid that we should ever think thus
of Jehovah, the just and wise.