Gaudy words?

Spurgeon, "Benhadad’s Escape, an Encouragement for Sinners"

How does your child come to you when he needs anything?
Does he open a big book, and begin reading, “My dear, esteemed,
and venerated parent in the effulgence of thy parental benificence....”
Nothing of the kind. He says — “Father, my clothes are worn out,
please buy me a new coat,” or else he says — “I am hungry, let me
have something to eat.”

That is the way to pray, and there is no prayer which God accepts
but that kind of prayer — right straight from the heart, and
right straight to God’s heart.

We miss the mark when we go about to gather gaudy words.
What! gaudy words on the lips of a poor sinner!
Fine phrases from a rebel!

There is more true eloquence in “God be merciful to me a sinner,”
than in all the books of devotion which bishops, and archbishops,
and divines ever compiled!