Full Redemption!

From Spurgeon's sermon, "Full Redemption"

Tarry a little while, Christian, a few more struggles against
the flesh, a little more battling and of warring against
the evil powers within you, and you shall put your foot
upon the neck of your old corruptions- sin and self shall
both be slain, and Jesus Christ shall reign triumphantly!

What a joy it is to the Christian to believe
that he shall one day be perfect.

The tongue that has spoken many an evil thing, bought with the
blood of Christ, shall one day be full of the sonnets of Paradise.

There shall be no strife in the soul- the Canaanite shall no more
dwell in the land; we shall be vessels fully purged as by fire,
fully sanctified and made fit for the Master's use.

When we shall come up dripping from the banks of Jordan,
we shall have left behind us all our sins; up those
celestial hills our feet shall climb, and our garments
shall be whiter than any launderer can make them!

The black drops of depravity will have been wrung out of our hearts;
the virus of deep corruption shall have been extracted, and we shall
take our place among the angels, pure as they; among the perfect
spirits, the prophets, and the glorious host of martyrs as truly
sanctified, as fully redeemed, as effectually delivered from sin,
as even they are.

Our redemption shall be complete!