The eloquence which God delights in?

Spurgeon, "Ephraim Bemoaning Himself" No. 743

Do not suppose that you need fine words and
elegant phrases in order to affect the Lord.

Your tearful eye shall be more mighty than
oratory, and your heavy sigh shall be more
eloquent than the polished discourse and
lofty utterance of the orator.

Only prostrate your soul before God
with humble heart and downcast eye
and your Father will listen to you.

What man among you can hold our against
his children's tears? If you, being evil, are
overcome by your children's tears, how much
more shall your Father who is in heaven find
in your bemoanings and confessions an
argument for the display of his pardoning
love through Christ Jesus our Lord.

This is the eloquence which God delights in
the broken heart, and the contrite spirit.

Broken prayers are the best prayers!

The crash of thunder is to the Lord no more
than the sound of the falling of a sere leaf
on a still summer's eve. But the cry of one
of his children peals through heaven, and
moves the infinite heart, so that swift on
wings of love the God of mercy flies.

Our God is full of compassion.

He rides in a chariot of mercy and
holds out a silver scepter of grace.