Breathe this prayer!

(by Octavius Winslow)

The meekness, the holiness, the patience, the
self denial, the zeal, the love, traceable in us,
though faint and imperfect, are transfers of
Christ's beauteous and faultless lineaments
to our renewed soul. Thus the mind that was
in Him is in some measure in us.

We should grow more like Christ
in the purity of His human nature,
in the humility He exemplified,
in the self denial He practiced, and
in the heavenly life He lived.

What spiritual heart will not breathe this prayer,
"O Lord! I cannot be satisfied merely to profess
and call myself Yours. I want more of the power
of vital religion in my soul. I pant for Your image.
My deepest grief springs from the discovery of the
little real resemblance which I bear to a Model so
peerless, so divine; that I exemplify so little of
Your patience in suffering;
Your meekness in opposition;
Your forgiving spirit in injury;
Your gentleness in reproving;
Your firmness in temptation;
Your singleness of eye in all that I do.
Oh, transfer Yourself wholly to me. What is this
world, yes, what is heaven itself, without You?
A universe of creatures, the fondest, the holiest,
could not be Your substitute to my yearning,
longing soul, O Lord! Come, and occupy Your
own place in my heart. Awaken it to Your love.
Sweep its chords with Your gentle hand, and it
shall breathe sweet music to Your dear name."