What a Sight!

from Spurgeon's, "LOVE'S LOGIC"

O the beauty of the person of Jesus, when seen with
the eye of faith by the illumination of the Holy Spirit!

As the light of the morning, when the sun arises, "as a
morning without clouds," is our Well-Beloved unto us.

The sight of the burning bush made Moses put off his shoes, but
the transporting vision of Jesus makes us put off all the world!

When once He is seen we can discern no beauties
in all other creatures in the universe.

He, like the sun, has absorbed all other
glories into his own excessive brightness.

This is the pomegranate which love feeds upon,
the flagon wherewith it is comforted.

A sight of Jesus causes such union of heart with him,
such goings' out of the affections after him,
and such meltings of the spirit towards him,
that its expressions often appear to carnal men to
be extravagant and forced; when they are nothing but
the free, unstudied, and honest effusions of its love.

Carnal men are themselves ignorant of the divine passion of love
to Jesus, and therefore the language of the enraptured heart is
unintelligible to them. They are poor translators of loveís
celestial tongue who think it to be at all allied with the amorous
superfluities uttered by carnal passions. Jesus is the only one
upon whom the loving believer has fixed his eye, and in his converse
with his Lord he will often express himself in language which is
meant only for his Masterís ear, and which worldlings would utterly
scorn could they but listen to it. The pious feelings at which
they jeer, are as much beyond their highest thoughts as the
'sonnets of angels' excel the 'gruntings of swine'.