Degraded serfs of the world's fierce despot?

(from Octavius Winslow's "Bonds Loosed")

Every unconverted man and woman is a servant,
a slave, a captive. "He that commits sin is the
slave of sin."

And those who are the servants of sin are, by
virtue of that relation, equally the vassals of
Satan, "are led captive by him at his will."

They are the most degraded of all vassals;
they wear the most galling of all fetters; they
are the willing servants, the obedient slaves, the
degraded serfs of the world's fierce despot, Satan!

Reader! you are spiritually a slave or a freeman; which?

Are you....
a slave to an unregenerate nature,
a slave of the world,
a slave of Satan,
a slave of self,
a servant of sin?

Or are you one whose fetters Christ has
wrenched, whose soul Christ has set free?

Can you say, "Christ has loosed my bonds! I once
wore the chain of my sins, and the galling yoke of
the law, and the heavy manacles of a poor captive
of Satan; but Jesus saw me, and had compassion,
and said, 'Loose him, and let him go!' and my
grave clothes fell off, my bonds were broken,
and I sprang into the holy liberty of a sinner
pardoned, justified, and forever saved; and
my soul overflowed with joy unspeakable, and
full of glory. The bliss of that moment, the
sweetness of that first taste of liberty, I can
never forget!"