Self dependence? Self love? Self will? Self seeking?

(from John Flavel's "Keeping the Heart")

Man, by his apostasy into sin, has become
a most disordered and rebellious creature.
In his self dependence, he opposes God as the sustainer.
In his self love, he opposes God as the chief good.
In his self will, he opposes God as the highest Lord.
In his self seeking, he opposes God as the highest end.
Thus he is quite disordered, and all his actions sinful.

But by regeneration, the disordered soul is set right.
Self dependence is replaced by faith.
Self love is replaced by love to God.
Self will is replaced by subjection and obedience to the will of God.
Self seeking is replaced by self denial.

The darkened understanding is illuminated.
The refractory will is sweetly subdued.
The rebellious desires are gradually conquered.