Like a viper to the heart!

Edwards, "Safety, Fullness, and
Sweet Refreshment in Christ"

The unregenerate man loves sin.

Sin is his delight.

He hides sin as a sweet morsel under his tongue.

But sin is the most evil and odious thing.

Sin is most mischievous and fatal.

Sin is the most mortal poison.

There is hell in sin.

Sin above all things....
hazards life,
endangers the soul,
exposes to the loss of all happiness,
subjects to the suffering of all misery,
and brings the wrath of God.

All men have this dreadful evil hanging about
them, cleaving fast to the soul, and ruling over
it, and keeping it in possession, and under
absolute command.

Sin hangs like a viper to the heart!

Sin captivates as a lion does his prey!

The filthiness of sin and its evil nature, is an
offense to a holy, gracious, and glorious God.

But yet there are multitudes, who are not sensible
of their misery. They are in such a sleep that they
are not very disturbed in this condition, it is not
very burdensome to them.

They are so sottish that they do not know what their
state is, nor what is likely to become of them.