Who but Christ?

From Spurgeon, "Our Glorious Transforming"

Think of 'God' a moment.
Your thoughts cannot reach him:
he is infinitely pure;
the heavens are not clean in his sight;
and he charges his angels with folly.

That is one side of the picture.

Now look at 'yourself'- a worm that has rebelled against its
Creator, loathsome with sin, through and through defiled.

When I see a beggar and a prince stand together I see a
distance, but ah! it is but an inch, a span, compared with
the infinite leagues of distance in character and nature
between God and the fallen man.

Who but Christ could have lifted up from so low an estate
to so high a condition- from fellowship with devils
unto communion with Jehovah himself?

The distance was inconceivable.

We are lost in wonder at the greatness of the love
that made it all to vanish.