What a Savior!

Spurgeon, "Christ's Incarnation, the Foundation of Christianity"

What does Paul mean when he says "That Christ
Jesus Came Into The World To Save Sinners."?

He means, first, that Jesus carne to save
Their sin shall not be laid to their charge, so that
they shall be condemned for it, if they do but trust
in Him who was punished in the place of those who
were really guilty. That is one thing that Christ
Jesus came into the world to do for sinners.

He came, also, to save them from the POLLUTION OF THEIR SIN,
so that, though their mind has been debased, and their taste
degraded, and their conscience deadened by sin, He came to
take that evil away, and to give them a tender heart, and a
hatred of sin, and a love for holiness, and a desire for
purity. That is a great work for Him to accomplish, yet Jesus
came to do even more than that.

He came, also, to take away our TENDENCIES TO SIN, those
tendencies which are born in us, and which grow up with us.
He came by His Spirit to eradicate them, to pluck them up
by the roots, and to put within us another principle, which
shall fight with the old principle of sin, and overcome it,
until Christ alone shall reign, and every thought shall be
brought into captivity to Him.

Further, Jesus came to save His people from APOSTASY.
He "came into the world to save sinners," in the fullest
possible sense, by keeping them faithful to the end, so
that they shall not go back unto perdition. This is a
very important part of the work of Divine grace. To
start a man right, is but little; but to keep that man
holding on even to the end, is a triumph of almighty
grace, and this is what Christ has come to do.

Christ Jesus came into the world," not to HALF SAVE you,
not to save you in this direction or that, and in this
light or that, but to save you from your sin, to save
you from an angry temper, to save you from pride, to
save you from strong drink, to save you from covetousness,
to save you from every evil thing, "and to present you
faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy."

This is a glorious truth, "Christ Jesus came into the world
to save sinners." He came to Bethlehem's manger, and afterwards
to Calvary's cross, with this as His one business, that He might
save sinners.

Is He not able to save?
Is He not just the Savior that we need?
God and yet man in one adorable Person, He is able to sympathize
because He is man, and He is able to save because He is God.
Blessed God man, Jesus Christ, You are able and willing to
save me, and You are able and willing to save all other
sinners who will believe in You!