The way to escape from the power of sin.

(from Spurgeon's sermon, "The Way" #942)

Christ is the way to escape from the power of sin.

The great object of a penitent soul is
to get away from the tyranny and slavery
of evil habits and of corrupt desires.

The saints in glory overcame through the blood of
the Lamb, and there is no other way of overcoming.
The precious blood of atonement wherever sprinkled
kills sin, and he that lives in the full belief of it will
be purified from sinful habits.

It is living under a sense of divine love as manifest
in Christ; it is living with the full conviction of pardon
through the blood that brings to us freedom from the
reigning power of sin.

There is no way to get the likeness of Christ, except
by learning of His love. You imitate Christ, and so
become like Him. You commune with Christ, and
as you talk with Him, His character sacredly
operates upon yourself, and you are changed
from glory to glory, as by the image of the Lord.

The moment we forget Christ, and then seek after
personal sanctification, we are trying to get to our
journey's end by declining to tread the road to it.

It is impossible to grow in grace except by
abiding evermore at the foot of the cross.