Precious Wounds!

By Spurgeon

"I looked, and behold, in the midst of the throne...
stood a Lamb, as though it had been SLAIN." Rev. 5:6

Why should our exalted Savior appear in heaven with His wounds?

The wounds of Jesus are His glories,
His jewels, His sacred ornaments!

To the eye of the believer, Jesus is more than beautiful
because He is "white and ruddy" (Song of Solomon 5:10)--
He is white with innocence, and ruddy with His own blood.

We see Him as the 'Lily' of matchless purity
and as the 'Rose' crimsoned with His own blood.

Christ never was so matchless as when he hung on the cross!
There we behold all His beauties in perfection.

The wounds of Jesus are far more beautiful
than all the splendor and pomp of kings.

Jesus appears as the 'Slain Lamb' who sought our souls
and redeemed them by His complete atonement.

His wounds are the trophies of His love and of His victory.

He has redeemed for Himself a great multitude which no
one can number-- His scars are the memorials of the fight.

If there were not an audible word, those wounds
are the mouths which speak of His love!

The most eloquent mouths that ever spoke are
the wounds of Christ! Listen! Listen!
Every drop of blood says, "Peace!"
Every wound says, "Pardon! Life, eternal life!"