The one true resting place!

From "Words to Winners of Souls" by Horatius Bonar

The one true resting place where doubt and
weariness, the stings of an accusing conscience,
and the longings of an unsatisfied soul can all
be quieted, is Christ himself.

Not the church, but Christ.

Not doctrine, but Christ.

Not forms, but Christ.

Not ceremonies, but Christ.

Christ, Christ alone is the vexed soul's refuge,
its rock to build on, its home to abide in till
the great tempter be bound and every conflict
ended in victory.

It is not opinions that man needs: it is Truth.

It is not theology: it is God.

It is not religion: it is Christ.

It is not literature and science; but the
knowledge of the free love of God in the
gift of His only begotten Son.

All other things are hut opiates, drugs,
quackeries; this is the divine medicine;
this is the sole, the speedy, the eternal cure.