O HEAVEN, with all your jubilant angels, your ever
chanting cherubim and seraphim, your thrice holy hymns,
your streets of gold and endless harmonies, you can not
reveal 'the Godhead' as Jesus Christ revealed it on the cross!

O HELL, with all your infinite horrors and unquenchable flames,
and pains and griefs and shrieks of tortured ghosts, even you
can not reveal the 'justice of God' as Christ revealed it in his
riven heart upon the bloody tree!

O earth and heaven and hell! O time and eternity, things present
and things to come, visible and invisible, you are dim mirrors of
the Godhead compared with the bleeding Lamb!

O HEART OF GOD, I see you nowhere as at Golgotha, where the Word
incarnate reveals the justice and the love, the holiness and the
tenderness of God in one blaze of glory!

If any created mind would desire to see the glory of God, he need
not gaze upon the starry skies, nor soar into the heaven of heavens,
he has but to bow at the foot of the cross and watch the crimson
streams which gush from Immanuel's wounds!
If you would behold the glory of God, you need not gaze between
the gates of pearls, you have but to look beyond the gates of
Jerusalem and see the Prince of Peace expire!

If you would receive the noblest conception that ever filled the
human mind of the loving-kindness, and the greatness, and the pity,
and yet the justice, and the severity, and the wrath of God, you need
not lift up your eyes, nor cast them down, nor look to paradise, nor
gaze on Tophet, you have but to LOOK INTO THE HEART OF CHRIST
all crushed and broken and bruised, and you have seen it all!