The infinite becomes an infant!

Spurgeon, "Praise for the Gift of Gifts"

Christ is unspeakable in his condescension.
Can any one measure or describe how far Christ stooped,
when, from the throne of splendor, he came to a manger
to be swaddled and lie where the horned oxen fed.
Oh, what a stoop of condescension was that!

The Infinite becomes an infant!

The Eternal is dandled on a woman's knee.
He is there in the carpenter's shop, obedient to his
parents; there in poverty, crying, "The Son of man has not
where to lay his head;" and there, in thirst, asking of a
guilty woman a drink of water.
It is unspeakable!

That he, before whom all the hosts of heaven veiled their
faces, should come here among men, and among the
poorest of the poor- that he who dwelt amidst the glory
and the bliss of the land of light, should condescend to be
a Man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief, passes
human thought!

Such a Savior is a gift unspeakable.