The Great Attraction!

Spurgeon, "The Great Attraction" No. 775

Christ dying for sinners is the
great attraction
of Christianity!

Since men will not come to him, the crucified
Savior becomes himself the attraction to men.
He casts out from himself bands of love and
cords of gracious constraint, and binding these
around human hearts, he draws them to himself
by an invincible constraint of grace.

Sinners by nature will not come to Jesus, though
his charms might even attract the blind, and
arouse the dead. They will not melt, though
surely such beauties might dissolve the adamant,
and kindle affection in rock of ice.

But Jesus has a wondrous power about him
to woo and win the sons of men. Out of his
heart proceed chains of gold by which he binds
thousands of willing captives to himself.

Many a heart has been so charmed with his
love, that it has run to Christ, drawn by the
silken bonds of love.

Jesus is the universal attraction, the attraction
to which all hearts must yield when he draws
effectually by his grace.

The attraction of the Crucified One
has bound them to the cross forever!

The gracious Spirit has moved many tender
hearts first to pity, and afterwards to love
the bleeding Lamb.

What a melting power there is in Gethsemane!
Can you view the bloody sweat drops, as they
fall upon the frozen soil, and not feel that, in
some degree, invisible but irresistible cords
are drawing you to Jesus?

Can you see him flagellated in Pilate's hall, every
thong of the scourge tearing the flesh from his
shoulders? Can you see him as they spit into his
lovely face, and mar his blessed visage, and not
feel as if you could fain fall down and kiss his feet,
and make yourself forever his servant?

And, lastly, can you behold him hanging upon the
hill of Golgotha to die- can you mark him as his
soul is there overwhelmed with the wrath of God,
with the bitterness of sin, and with a sense of
utter desertion- can you sit down and watch him
there and not be attracted to him?