The divine heal-all


In the olden times, there were certain simpletons who
sought after a universal remedy for all diseases; a
"heal-all"; but their search was in vain.

All the advertisements of quack medicines that ever deceived
silly people will never convince sensible folk that such a
"heal-all" for all the diseases to which flesh is heir
ever has been or ever will be discovered.

Yet there is a catholicon for the diseases of the soul,
and that "heal-all" is Christ.

Be your disease what it may, - the raging fever of lust,
the shivering ague of doubts and fears, or the fell
consumption of despair, - Jesus Christ can heal you.

Whatever form sin may take, - whether it be the blind eye,
or the deaf ear, or the hard, stony heart, or the dull,
seared conscience, - there is a medicine in the veins
of Jesus that we may well call the divine heal-all.

No case that was ever submitted to Christ has baffled
his skill. He is still "mighty to save."