in which souls are drawn to heaven. The people of the
Lord are on their way to heaven, they are carried in everlasting
arms; and those arms are the arms of Christ. Christ is carrying
them up to His own house, to His own throne; in time His
prayer--"Father, I want those you have given Me to be with
Me where I am" shall be completely fulfilled. And it is being
fulfilled now, for He is like a strong charger drawing His
children in the chariot of the covenant of grace unto Himself.
Oh! blessed be God, the cross is the plank on which we swim
to heaven; the CROSS is the great covenant transport which
will weather out the storms, and reach its desired heaven. This
is the chariot, the sides are made of gold, and the bottom of
silver, it is lined with the purple of the atonement of our Lord
Jesus Christ. -Spurgeon