Oh! Wonder of wonders!

From Spurgeon's sermon, HIS NAME, WONDERFUL!

Oh! what is that I see?

Oh! world of wonders, what is that I see?

The Eternal of ages, whose hair is white like wool,
as white as snow, becomes an infant!

Can it be?

You angels, are you not astonished?

He becomes an infant, hangs at a virgin's breast,
draws his nourishment from the breast of woman!

Oh wonder of wonders!

Manger of Bethlehem, you have miracles poured into you.

This is a sight that surpasses all others!

Talk of the sun, moon, and stars; consider the heavens, the work
of God's fingers, the moon and the stars that he has ordained-
but all the wonders of the universe shrink into nothing, when we
come to the mystery of the incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ!

I do believe that the very angels have never wondered but once,
and that has been incessantly ever since they first beheld it-
They never cease to tell the astonishing story, and to tell it with
increasing astonishment too, that Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
was born of the Virgin Mary, and became a man!

Is he not rightly called Wonderful?

Infinite, and an infant!

Eternal, and yet born of a woman!

Almighty, and yet hanging on a woman's breast!

Supporting the universe, and yet needing
to be carried in a mother's arms!

King of angels, and yet the reputed son of Joseph!

Heir of all things and yet the carpenter's despised son!