Discovering Jesus in the Book of Matthew
The Visit of the Magi
(Matthew 2:1-12)

Verse 1. How long after Jesus was born did these events take place?
What do we know about "King Herod"?
What do we know about the "Magi"?
How many Magi were there?

Verse 2. Why does Matthew say, "HIS star"?
What do we know about this "star"?

Verse 3.Why were Herod and all Jerusalem disturbed?

Verse 4. What is the significance of the title, "the Christ?"
Who were the chief priests?
Who were the teachers of the law?

Verses 5-6 are another example of fulfilled prophecy, showing God's ____________. God always keeps His _____!

Verse 8. Is there any significance to the word, "worship"?

Verses 9-11. Is there anything significant about the word, "house" in verse 11?
Is there anything significant about the phrase, "the child with his mother Mary"?
Comment on the 3 gifts that were given to Jesus.
These verse give us the proper reaction to knowing who Jesus is—please explain?
How does the Magi's finding of Christ—parallel the Christian's experience?
All who worship Christ consecrate their __________ to Him. Such worship requires ______.

Verse 12. In what ways has Jesus affected the direction of your life?

1. God often passes by those who have the greatest ________ and _____________—and saves those who seem to be beyond the reach of mercy!
There is much truth in the old proverb, "The nearer the _______—the further from ___!

2. How is the conduct of the wise men, an example of spiritual diligence?

3. Many have ______ full of knowledge whose ________ are altogether void of grace.
_________ alone saves no one. It is _____ that carries sinners to glory.
Knowledge, no matter how accurate, that does not reach, and change, and rule the heart with grace—is useless, ________ knowledge!
Better an ______ of saving grace—than a _____ of head knowledge!

4. Saving faith in Christ always shows itself by ______.
"Faith without ______ is _____!" James 2:18
How were these wise men examples of saving _______?

5. Our heavenly Father _______ all things in ___________ to accomplish His purpose of ______!
As God ______ and provided for Joseph and Mary—so all of God's people are the objects of His special and unceasing _____.